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Connection Watcher icon You can easily track connections for specified URL addresses, by activating this simple gadget and viewing the status it indicates

Connection Watcher is a small, yet reliable tool, which can analyze the state of your connection to a particular website. The gadget can run on your desktop and indicate the link status with colored markers, such as green for stable connection or red for errors.

Watch changes in the connection to a website

Connection Watcher allows you to track the connection to a single URL, which you need to specify in the Settings menu. Moreover, the gadget allows you to modify the alert time, which is measured in seconds; it is recommended that you set the time interval to low values.

Scan the network status on demand

An alternative option for automatic connection detection is the forced Internet link scan, an option dedicated for those who use a router. When you use a network card and any change in the connection status appears as a special event, which can be easily recorded by the gadget.

However, if you use an external device, such as a router, the events are likely to be skipped or not detected. Thus, enabling the dedicated option, ‘Forcibly scan Internet (for router)', the gadget can check the Internet connection on demand. The interval between scans is measured in minutes.

Alerts and alarm sounds

Connection Watcher can play an alarm when the connection is lost or a confirmation sound when the link is established. You can set the default sound or select a different song, in the WAV format, to play when the alarm is triggered.

Trigger programs when connection status changes

Connection Watcher can prompt a program to run whenever the connection to the specified link is established or when it is lost. Similarly, you can set a program that should run when the connection is detected for the first time. Simply click OK or Cancel to hide the Settings panel, and leave only the monitoring button on the desktop. You may easily start or stop the website connection monitoring.

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Connection Watcher was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan

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Connection Watcher 2.4

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